Personal Life Coach

Each person is unique and special with their own gifts, talents, interests, and preferences. A personal life coach’s goal is to honor and support each individual and their unique purpose, goals and life direction. We work with all types of people to achieve clarity and success, taking into account all aspects of each individual and helping them create the most satisfying life and career choices.

The most important role life coaches have is to help our clients achieve their dreams, goals and desires.

Our Life Coaching process is results-oriented:

  • We address your specific needs and goals with creative solutions and ideas.
  • We create a sacred space holding the highest vision for our clients.
  • We find out what motivates you and what kind of support you require to achieve your dreams.

Donna Webb, a certified Life Coach, Health and Fitness Professional, and Inspirational Speaker with more than 20 years experience, has helped her clients achieve extraordinary results through her motivational, spiritual, wellness coaching, and life coaching.

Her inspiration will spark your soul, unleashing your unlimited potential to heal, grow, and expand. Her unique total wellness program combines mind, body and spirit, inspiring you to create the life you want.

The Differences Between Coaching, Consulting and Counseling

Coaching – Listens to you, asking questions (facilitating) and guiding you to your own answers.

Consulting – Gives advice, suggestions, and information to you.

Counseling or Psychotherapy – Processes of feeling, understanding and healing deep emotional issues.

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