Client Testimonials

I know of no one more qualified or talented than Donna Webb to help people identify and pursue their true path in life. And no one more motivating and inspiring than Donna to help her clients go beyond just recognizing that path – and actually pursuing and achieving it! Whether professional, personal and/or spiritual, Donna Webb is the Life Coach that will help you make your dreams a reality!

Drisha Leggitt

Support for Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Donna is an excellent life coach and health professional. I came to Donna because I needed to make some big changes in my life. I was at a turning point – I was out of shape and overweight, beginning to see the health consequences of my situation, and not attaining some of my major life desires and goals. I needed a big change! Donna is completely understanding, highly motivating and has challenged me to be what I want to be and more. She is able to provide support for your mind, body, and spirit. She is a great fitness trainer, a skilled observer of human behavior, and an enlightened spiritual teacher. Donna has given me the support to courageously move away from unhealthy life habits and toward a new and exciting life. Wisdom has been described as knowledge applied for the benefit of others. Donna exemplifies wisdom.

Christine Martin

Donna Webb, Life Changer

So how do you begin to describe a person that changes your life, a person that looks at who you are and actually begins to give you the tools you need to continue on your journey through life? After the experience of a traumatic fall snow skiing and going through extensive surgery and rehabilitation, I was still after months not feeling right or whole. Entire parts of my body were changing for the worse, not being healed, and honestly I had no idea where to go. My “sports” doctor literally patched me up and released me to figure out the rest on my own.
My wife introduced me to Donna as a personal trainer that could help me continue the physical therapy process that I was not getting results from. From the first day I knew Donna could know and “feel” what I needed. The mental and the physical world meshed for the first time for me and over a long period of months, my healing shined. But, it took faith a newfound honesty to get there. A lot of confusion and pain accompanied the journey, learning for the first time in an injury free life, how every part of the body is connected. And the mind. I trusted Donna so implicitly through her work, and the work of her fellow trainers and doctors , that life is all yours and you must be free to experience it all. Completely and wholistically. I do. And what a life it is. I will never stop healing and growing, and I will candidly say that with all the crises we face every day, without all her efforts, I may not be writing this for all of you.

John Packowski

A More Balanced Life

Donna was the initial reason that my wife Carol and I looked into adding personal health to our already overbooked lifestyle. Her positive attitude caught our attention. Donna simply told us that we needed a more balanced life. That balance needed to include a consistent exercise program and an improved nutritional diet. Carol and I heard her loud and clear. So today, we are healthier and happier than we have ever been. Thank you Donna!

Eric Pollard, Director of EPGA

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

I’ve been a client of Donna’s for over two years. During this time she has kept me motivated and inspired to achieve my goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Over the past two years she has listened and customized my workouts to keep me challenged both mentally and physically. When I stray from my fitness routine Donna will take the time to find out why I’ve been neglecting my goal and encourages me to stay focused and get moving!

Teresa Aguliara

A Coach to Keep You on Track

Donna has been my personal trainer for years. I can strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a truly professional, knowledgeable and effective trainer. Her knowledge of physiology, nutrition, fitness, training methods and motivation are among the best I have experenced-and I have worked with several personal trainers over the years. Donna helped me to exceed my training goals, including rehab and strengthening of a badly injured ankle that would otherwise have required surgery. If you are serious about meeting your training goals, and want a trainer who will keep you on track, you need to be working with Donna Webb.

Peter Gambee

Mentor and Motivator

I never enjoyed working out until I meet Donna. Her exercise programs made a world of difference in how I feel about working out. She taught me the proper way to exercise, good eating habits and made me aware of the mind body connection. What I like about her training is the change of workout every four weeks. I saw my body transforming its shape as a result.

I feel more confident and happy with myself. Thank you Donna for being my mentor and my motivator!

Lillian Poppler

Thrilled With My Progress

I have never stuck with a trainer or program as long as I have since I started working with Donna. She is extremely knowledgeable, motivational and supportive. These qualities, along with the results I have experienced, keep me focused and committed to continuing my workouts. She constantly challenges and pushes me in a positive manner and I am thrilled with my progress. Donna’s uses her background, experience and variety of skills to keep our workouts fun. I’m never bored because she is always introducing new routines to keep me challenged and interested. Donna has been a very positive influence on me and I am committed, for the first time in many years, to sticking to my workouts and reaching my goals. She takes a true personal interest in her clients and she’s not only a great trainer, she’s a wonderful person.

Chris Dariotis

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