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Are you looking for ways to improve your whole body health and wellness? Do you have everything it takes to get into shape but the motivation? Do you need help figuring out what to eat and how much? Are you struggling to lose weight? Would you like to decrease your stress levels?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a personal wellness coach is what you need.

A wellness coach can help you eat better, feel better, and find balance in your life. A complete fitness plan must include flexibility, core, balance, reactive, strength and power training, combined with a well-rounded nutrition and cardiovascular program that is appropriate for your age and physical ability. All of these elements are crucial to the overall success of your plan.

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What Does a Wellness Coach Do?

Our program was developed exclusively for people who truly understand that diets don’t really work and never will. Instead, we will focus on learning what foods work for you and how exercise changes your body, all coupled with gentle guidance from us. Our program is based on five basic principles:

Proper food intake: We will start your education on what foods are right for you.

Proper aerobic and cardiovascular activity: Most people seeking weight management solutions know they must get moving, but few know where to begin. How much cardio is enough? Is walking the exercise for me or do I need something more? How far or how long should I go each day and how strenuous do I need to make my workouts? All these questions can prevent someone from getting started at all. We will design a program just for you and give you the information you need to be successful.

Proper guidance for using supplements and other nutritional products: The right combination of nutritional products can help you accomplish your goals more quickly and we will help you find the right ones for you.

Proper resistance training: Resistance, or strength training, is often the missing component for long-term weight management success. Strength training done correctly, under the guidance of a certified fitness professional, will help you maintain your desired weight more easily and be more successful in life sports such as golf, tennis, or running. It will also add quality in your life such as the ability to be more active with your kids and simply keep you healthier and more active as you age. We will help you find the workout solution right for your body and lifestyle.

Professional assistance: We will give you the personal coaching you need in person and the support you need when you’re away from the club. Many people have changed the way they look and feel with our program and you can, too!

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